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Coloring Pages

Preview of coloring pages for Seal Breaker, illustrated by Tru Scruggs and SpaceAcne

Why are there coloring pages in our books? Because the Amakai series (and all books Raven publishes) are interactive. They’re meant to be marked up, notes in the margin, loved, and that includes being able to add color and flair to the words through the meditative joy that coloring pages provide. Every book, whether digital or print, provides a link to the coloring pages, making them available to download, print, and illuminate. The print copies also include the images themselves, but the files are too large, making downloading the ebooks prohibitive.

Previews for the pages can be found below. While Seal Breaker’s coloring pages are still only available to customers, the coloring pages for The Grasp of Time are now available for your personal, non-commercial use for free!


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