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Late 21st Century Terms

armorplast n. A synthetic, flexible, bullet-resistant plastic that protects its wearer from firearm attacks and grounds against electrical weapons.

Avery – slang. Term used by hackers and computer programmers to describe the elite status of their hacking or programming skills; the best of the best. pr. Name of the person for whom the slang term is derived, the “Angel Avery,” or simply, “Avery,” has been the name of one or more hackers arranging numerous online stunts for more than half a century.

borkedslang. To find oneself in unfortunate circumstances.

copperwireslang. Late 21st century term for someone who utilizes outdated skills or tools when dealing with technology, or someone whose methods are dated as compared to contemporary computer users.

Ellese [el-EES] – n. A late 21st century intentional language for elves; a simplified version of Aelethe.

Forgotten, thepr. Umbrella term for all sentient and non-sentient beings considered to be purely mythical or otherwise unreal.

Negoshall pr. The name of a corporate chain of businesses providing private, secure spaces for business discussions to take place both in person and across the globe. Especially useful for entrepreneurs and independent contractors who require a meeting room without having to maintain an office full-time. The company name is a portmanteau of “negotiation” and “hall.”

Portman slang. A portmanteau of “portal manager.”

vick slang. “Visual” + “peek” / “look”

What’s on it all?slang. A general phrase akin to “What’s up?” or “How goes it?”

zackenslang. A more polite alternative to “fucking,” as an expletive, not the act.


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