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Aelethe Glossary

Eila takes a lot of notes about languages and what she learns along the way. This glossary covers the romanized version of Aelethe (spoken) and Vr’aeleth (written), current to the latest published book in the series. Examples of Ellese, the simplified form of Aelethe used by common elves in the late 21st century, are also included at the end.


adronimata [ah-DRO-NEE-mah-tah] – n. Big brother, as endearment.

adronyata [ah-DRON-YAH-tah] – n. Little brother, as endearment.

Ael (or Aelona) [ĀL] – pr. The first aelf; the first queen of aelves; “honored mother.”

aelf [Ālf] – n. What elves of the Homelands call themselves. They differ from modern elves found in the Prime in that they have spent generations in a magic-rich environment, and thus have never needed to suffer the effects of the Drought.

Aelethe [Ā-ləth] – pr. The spoken language of the aelves.

Aelona’ti [ā-LONE-ah-TEE] – pr. Name for the aelven Homelands.

Amakai [ah-mah-KĪ] – pr. A dragon speaker or rider.

Am’Kaila [ahm-KĪ-lah] – pr. A group of Amakai; the phenomenon of dragon speakers/riders as a whole.

ashou-ashou – A comforting utterance aelves use to soothe infants and small children.

blinkn. A short range teleport using a certain type of magic; v. to teleport a short distance using a certain type of magic.

fwaenshe [FWĀN-shah] – n. The fuel empowering magic; mana.

ghitijan [ghi-tee-ZHAN] – n. Gray close-fitting attire worn by those practicing the aelven martial art of stealth (see: Straeth’wenth), consisting of multiple strips of fabric laid across the wearer until obscuring all features except the eyes.

huemantn. Human; a play on the English word.

saerlonihae ta’haelin [Don’t bother, just point at the menu] – n. A mix of legumes, grains, and vegetables expertly wrapped in flatbread. Essentially, a vegetable burrito. Seriously.

senn e’ell – “We have moved earth” said to a peer or subordinate.

senn eh’elle – “We have moved earth,” as said to someone in a superior position to oneself.

shaloheexclam. A curse used in times of frustration. Literally translates, “stress.” Equivalent of the English words “damn” or “shit.”

Straeth’wenthpr. Straeth’s Wind School, martial art form used by some aelves.

Tira no Vr’allanpr. The aelven name for the mortal lands, a.k.a. Prime.

Vr’aeleth [VRAYʔ-elth] – pr. Aelven written language.

vrai’ell [VRAYʔ-el] – n. neut. Teacher or master.



R’ellaith n. Sky. (Ellese)

t’Airethn. Night. (Ellese)

t’Ellethn. Dream. (Ellese)


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