Rumors of Merzai

Coming 2023

The Erotic Companion to Chains of Merzai

Whispers and gossip stave off boredom for nobility and staff alike at the sprawling, aelven estate in Merzai. Rumors abound about the Seal Breaker’s frequent visitors, from her long courtship with the Durzen Llewellyn Grenolly to her wood elf companion to the half-Fae apothecary who tends her wounds. Meanwhile, others are up to their own rumor-fodder between court intrigues, and Lomilith, Bruomiel of House Silver Light’s guards continues to be tormented nightly by dreams of the need to possess Eila. In this erotic companion to Chains of Merzai, delve deep into the sensual scenes too graphic for the third book in the Amakai series.Contains material only suitable for adults 18+, including LGBTQ+, polyamory, and BDSM relations.