Centuries ago, the world’s magic was locked away to protect all life from a great threat. The Forgotten, the peoples dependent on magic to survive, disappeared to their own Realms. In the 21st century, those protective seals fail, releasing magic back into the world with both beautiful and disastrous results, and the world, radically changed, must once again face the threat or be devoured.

At the heart of it all is Eila Corbin, a linguist discovered as the first Amakai to return since the Seals were set in place. She must bring together the new Am’Kaila and discover the source of the faceless destructive force, but she is as much a pawn as a leader, and many seek to use her for their own ends, or unravel what remains of a tattered world.

Amakai is a 7-book, multi-perspective, new adult mythpunk series blending science-fiction, fantasy, and cyberpunk. 

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Book 1
The Grasp of Time

Eila Corbin, a modern-day university student, is pulled into a fantastical future …

Book 2
Seal Breaker

Eila Corbin returns to her own time and must find a magical oasis in the Drought or perish …

Book 4
The Reflections of Time

Continue Eila’s journey as her time loop closes. Coming spring of 2024. .