The following are characters of note in the series.

Eila [EYE-la]. The main character of this story. A linguistic anthropology student at the University of Washington with a penchant for saying more than she should.

LlewellynWells. An aelf working behind-the-scenes to support a convoluted timeline for reasons unclear. Aithne’s former student.

Aithne [ah-EHN-ya]. An aelf of the House Silverlight, a.k.a. House Argent’claire, working in the Prime as a Hand of the Elders.

Khraesch. An orc xama, or spiritual leader, from a specific lineage. Advisor to Aithne.

Aeryelle / WildFeather / Aeri. A charming aelf  trained in enchantment and illusions. Works on Aithne’s team. Originally from the forest at Merzai.

Lomilith. An aelf of the House Silverlight, a.k.a. House Argent’claire, working as the Bruomiel (captain of the guard) for his House. One of Aithne’s older brothers.

Riley Mackintosh. A dwarf fixer, social engineer, and man-about-town.

Piotr Pasternak. A Russian chronomancer in the House of Forgotten Shadows. He has a knack for languages, and an unsettling tattoo covering most of his body. Raised Russian Orthodox.

The House Master. The unnamed and covered master of the House of Forgotten Shadows. A strong, formidable chronomancer of unknown origins.

Delilah Deng. An Avery-level hacker of the virtual world, who suffers an unfortunate case of VMP-26 infection. Devoted to her girlfriend, Aeri.

Gorgon / Fire in the Heart Destroys the Darkness. A young, red, orphaned dragon, currently being raised by Aithne and Khraesch.

T-40 / Tracer-40 / Timothy. Another Avery-level hacker of the virtual world. Leader of a Seattle-based cadre of hackers for hire.

Tom Waldorf. Head of World Explorers Research Group, among other organizations.

Marshall Shay. A magically talented boy. Eila’s nephew.

Cleo Shay. A con artist and thief. Marshall’s mother; Eila’s older sister.

Kirchner, Starrstrike, The Professor, and The Lady … all to be discovered in Time.