The Grasp of Time Released!

On November 18th, the first chapter of Eila Corbin’s journey entered the world, resembling only the barest fragments of its original, oral tale shared between a wordsmith (Demers) and a tale spinner (Wood).

Eila Corbin, a modern-day university student, is pulled into a fantastical future where magic and technology are at odds, and mythical beings live among the mundane. While Eila avoids the deadly hands that brought her through time, she finds help from a dwarf, a dragon, and a love that cannot return with her.

The Grasp of Time is the first volume in the new-adult slipstream series, Amakai. This series is linked to coloring pages and invites readers to interact with the story.

The Grasp of Time is available for purchase in print on Amazon, and on Kindle and Nook. The book features eight coloring pages by Emily P. Fuller, cover illustration by Natasha Swan, and editing by Ellen Klowden.


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